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“Long-term learning success is dependent to a significant extent on the media competence of the school.” There is scarcely another area whose orientation and content provides more significant impulses for future generations than research and education do. Today, IT is considered a “normal” companion in everyday life – and it is precisely in schools, vocational education institutions, and universities that the significance of IT is continuing to increase.
CANCOM is conscious of this significance – and therefore research and education assume a prominent place in our portfolio of services.


“CANCOM evaluates the educational requirements and develops Mobile Learning Strategies that will meet the challenges of the classroom of the future!”

Advantages of a modern e-learning strategy

  • More appealing classroom instruction with a high level of acceptance on the part of students
  • Improved visualization, pictorial communication, and clarity
  • Acquisition of digital media skills
  • Practical orientation and connection to real-life and work situations
  • Currency
  • Improved networking and communication

Education Solutions portfolio

The equipment, such as tablets and interactive white boards, must be adapted to the needs of students and teachers. But equipment by itself is not enough. A successful e-learning concept also includes suitable software, a secure IT infrastructure, mobile device management, and comprehensive training. That is why CANCOM takes a holistic approach:

  • Consulting: By providing strategic consulting and generating individualized concepts, CANCOM helps you create an adaptive IT infrastructure that optimally supports your daily school or university routines.
  • Hardware and software: Suitable learning environments are created with appropriate software that simplifies cooperation. They can also be achieved with protected on-line learning platforms for classroom teaching, homework, and contact with parents.
  • Enterprise: Constantly increasing demands on computing power and storage capacity present a constant challenge for anyone who is responsible for IT. We will advise you on the appropriate strategies and technologies and act as a single source for server and storage systems from prestigious and innovative manufacturers.
  • Software and security: Good software management prevents not only violation of copyright and security breaches, but also unforeseen software costs that may arise from hasty attempts to correct a license deficit. Schools must also concern themselves with youth-appropriate internet surfing. IT can limit access to specific sites.
  • Service and Support: We will assess your various procurement options and, together with you, select the best possible software, hardware, and service solution.
  • Mobile Device Management: It is also important to securely manage school-owned devices and those brought from home that can access the school’s network. Good Mobile Device Management also allows privileges to be reassigned quickly.
  • Training: Those giving instruction must know how to use the media. CANCOM offers the necessary seminars and workshops.
  • Quality Management: Our quality management, certified according to ISO 9001 and proven through years of experience, provides our clients not only efficiency and high quality, but also the flexibility to adapt the processes to the requirements of our customers.
  • Environmental protection: By using environmentally friendly and resource-conserving processes, we make our contribution to securing the future for coming generations.

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