Non Profit Solutions

Why you should use Non Profit Solutions

Religious, charitable, and non-profit organizations have special tasks. Information technology and modern communication media form the basis of their success. CANCOM has actively worked for many years with religious, charitable, and non-profit institutions and has developed a portfolio tailored to such organizations.

Take advantage of our long years of experience with religious, charitable, and non-profit organizations!

Advantages of Non Profit Solutions

  • Uniform standard for service contracts
  • Improved exchange of knowledge and information
  • Time- and location-independent work processes
  • Constant evaluation and improvement of the IT security concept
  • Optimization of internal organizational structures
  • CANCOM has years of experience implementing a wide variety of IT projects

Non Profit Solutions Portfolio

Our years of experience, implementation of a wide variety of IT projects, and comprehensive service portfolio have provided us with staff capable of responsiveness to the requirements and special structures of church and charitable institutions at a moment’s notice:

  • Consulting: By providing strategic consulting and generating individualized concepts, CANCOM helps you create an adaptive IT infrastructure that optimally supports your business processes.
  • Desktop and printing: CANCOM Desktop and Printing allows religious and charitable work to be organized more productively and reveals the synergy potential of the many different administrative levels so that it can be tapped more effectively.
  • Enterprise: Constantly increasing demands on computing power and storage capacity present a constant challenge for anyone who is responsible for IT. We will advise you on the appropriate strategies and technologies and act as a single source for server and storage systems from prestigious and innovative manufacturers.
  • Software and security: Counseling and pastoral care data, member data, and tax and social data all have very high integrity and confidentiality requirements. Good software management prevents security breaches.
  • Maintenance and services: We will assess your various procurement options and, together with you, select the best possible software, hardware, and service solution.
  • Quality Management: Our quality management, certified according to ISO 9001 and proven through years of experience, provides our clients not only efficiency and high quality, but also the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ processes.
  • Environmental protection: By using environmentally friendly and resource-conserving processes, we make our contribution to securing the future for coming generations.
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