European Solutions

Why you should use European Solutions

Nationally and internationally, large-scale IT failures are a real danger. To be well-positioned to participate in international tenders and projects, CANCOM has established a targeted presence in Brussels which guarantees immediate proximity and contact opportunities with European Union member states. Smart Solutions European Institutions is CANCOM’s customized portfolio for European institutions.

CANCOM’s comprehensive portfolio and immediate proximity to clients ensure a secure IT infrastructure for European institutions and organizations.

Advantages for European Solutions

  • new potential, scope for development, and synergies
  • significantly improved security for information technology systems
  • highly developed risk management and overarching security concepts
  • improved exchange of information
  • improved communication structure resilience
  • guaranteed confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, and availability of data processing systems and the data they store

Smart Solutions European Solutions

Besides being expensive, any data leak can permanently damage an institution’s reputation. The use of private and work mobile terminal devices increases the danger inside and outside your agency. IT security has special significance for those infrastructures that are central to the functioning of our commonwealth. CANCOM’s comprehensive portfolio supports you with a holistic concept:

  • Consulting: By providing strategic consulting and generating individualized concepts, CANCOM helps you create an adaptive IT infrastructure that optimally supports your business processes.
  • Desktop and printing: CANCOM Desktop and Printing allows public sector work to be organized more productively and significantly improves the use of the synergy potential of the many different administrative levels of European institutions and organizations.
  • Enterprise: Constantly increasing demands on computing power and storage capacity present a constant challenge for anyone who is responsible for IT. We will advise you on the appropriate strategies and technologies and act as a single source for server and storage systems from prestigious and innovative manufacturers.
  • Software and security: Good software management prevents not only security breaches and violation of copyright, but also unforeseen software costs that may arise from hasty attempts to correct a license deficit.
  • Maintenance and services: We will assess your various procurement options and, together with you, select the best possible software, hardware, and service solution.
  • Quality Management: Our quality management, certified according to ISO 9001 and proven through years of experience, provides our clients not only efficiency and high quality, but also the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ processes.
  • Environmental protection: By using environmentally friendly and resource-conserving processes, we are making our contribution to securing the future for coming generations.
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