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Why you should use Government Solutions

eGovernment creates the conditions for administrative services that are independent of time and place. Public administration has experienced enormous change in business and IT processes. Increasing modernization and digitalization has been going on for years under the name of “eGovernment”. The Electronic Administration Promotion Act and the modifications to other regulations (eGovernment Act) serves the purpose of facilitating electronic communications and allowing the federal government, the federal states, and municipalities to offer simpler, more efficient, more intuitive electronic administration services.

Take advantage of our experts’ comprehensive know-how in the area of federal government, the federal states, and municipalities!

Advantages of modern eGovernment

  • Simplification and implementation of information, communication, and transaction processes
  • Use of digital information and communication technology
  • Ease of electronic certificate provision
  • Reduction of bureaucracy
  • Modernization of Administration

Government Solutions Portfolio

Because of its years of experience in the public sector, CANCOM is optimally positioned to fulfill the specific requirements of the federal government, the federal states, and municipalities. Our team, which operates throughout the Federal Republic, will record your special requirements and offer customized solutions and services for this area.

  • Consulting: By providing strategic consulting and generating individualized concepts, CANCOM helps you create an adaptive IT infrastructure that optimally supports your business processes.
  • Desktop and printing: CANCOM Desktop and Printing allows public sector work to be organized more productively and taps the synergy potential of the many different administrative levels much more effectively.
  • Enterprise: Constantly increasing demands on computing power and storage capacity present a constant challenge for anyone who is responsible for IT. We will advise you on the appropriate strategies and technologies and act as a single source for server and storage systems from prestigious and innovative manufacturers.
  • Software and security: Good software management prevents not only security breaches and violation of copyright, but also unforeseen software costs that may arise from hasty attempts to correct a license deficit.
  • Maintenance and services: We will assess your various procurement options and, together with you, select the best possible software, hardware, and service solution.
  • Quality Management: Our quality management, certified according to ISO 9001 and proven through years of experience, provides our clients not only efficiency and high quality, but also the flexibility to adapt to our clients’ processes.
  • Environmental protection: By using environmentally friendly and resource-conserving processes, we make our contribution to securing the future for coming generations.
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